Best of Breed vs ERP – what’s the right choice?

Written by Caitlin Williams

When selecting software for your business, you might find yourself confronted with the choice between Best of Breed vs ERP.

It can be difficult to make the decision for your business, especially when there are a number of software programs available that will do the job. But if you’re going to make a significant investment, you want something that does more than just “the job” – you want it to suit your business requirements perfectly.

The first step is to understand the fundamental differences between the two types of software.

Best of Breed

Best of Breed refers to the best product of its type. Whether it’s payroll software, accounting software, design software or communication software, Best of Breed is the best product available within that category.

Companies who opt for the Best of Breed option will select multiple different software products for each of the requirements they have. For example, rather than one product that covers payroll and accounting, they might choose to use Astute Payroll for timesheets and payroll and Xero for accounting, in order to get the best of both worlds.

Some disadvantages include having to liaise with multiple software vendors for support and implementation – but you know you’re getting the experts in each field, at the same time.


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software refers to one software product that integrates a variety of software programs into one.

The central feature of an ERP system is a shared database with multiple functions used by different business units. The most common ERP products are Netsuite, Sage, or Microsoft Dynamics.

The advantages include having one implementation and one support team, however you might find that some parts of the software product are not as feature-rich as an individual Best of Breed program.

What should I choose?

It depends on your business, ultimately, and how you’re going to use the software. Once you’ve identified what software programs you’re going to need, you can then start to look at your options.

Things to consider include:

  • Content and data management – are you going to have to input data multiple times into each program? Alternately, can the software products be integrated so you only have to enter in data once?
  • Are the interfaces of each program similar, or are they so different that your staff will struggle to move between systems efficiently?
  • Are all of your software requirements being covered, or are there overlaps of functionality?
  • Costs – will it cost more or less to have one major implementation vs multiple smaller implementation

We believe in Best of Breed software packages, provided they meet your requirements for functionality, budget and support. Best of Breed allow you to select the most suitable option for each of your business functions, rather than one package that does some aspects really well, and others poorly.


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