Changes to login security in your Astute portal – Employees

Written by Caitlin Williams

We will be introducing two-factor authentication (2FA) to your Astute portal.

We’ll let you know when these changes will be rolled out and will provide a user guide to take you through the new processes.

In the meantime, please read below for more details on how the new 2FA and password management functionality will work.

Two-Factor Authentication

When 2FA has been released into portals, you’ll be prompted to set up 2FA on your next login. You can choose to set up 2FA on the spot, or set it up later.

You will need to use an authenticator app (eg Authy or Google Authenticator) to do this. An authenticator app generates a unique, once-off code that you’ll be asked to input when accessing your Profile tab as an employee.

If your portal has SMS enabled, you will also have the option to use SMS authentication for 2FA. With SMS authentication, a unique, once-off code is sent to a registered Australian mobile number. You’ll be asked to input this code when accessing your Profile tab as an employee. 

If you’re not sure whether SMS is available on your portal, please check with your recruitment consultant.

Password Management

In addition to the introduction of 2FA, we’re making some changes to how passwords are managed in Astute. 

The next time you update your system password, you will need to include a combination of upper and lower case letters, special characters and numbers to ensure a stronger, more secure password.

Right now your password will remain the same, but we suggest updating it to comply with the new password requirements.

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