Choosing the right employer

Written by Caitlin Williams

There’s a million reasons why you might take a job. Money, location, experience, industry. But how often do you really consider whether you’re choosing the right employer?

You could be earning all the money in the world, or commuting less than 20 minutes to work, or gaining experience in your dream job – all of that sounds wonderful. But if the company you’re working for doesn’t fit your values and morals, then you might want to reconsider if it’s really your dream job.

Do they believe in the same things as you?

If you’re passionate about something – whether it be the environment, or animals, or certain charities – make sure your employer is aligned with that.

If you take pains to recycle everything possible while you’re at home, is it really going to last with an employer that throws out kilograms of paper and cardboard a day?

(Of course – you can always suggest that they implement a recycling program, but you get the point!)

Are they ethical?

If you find that your employer is making questionable decisions, or treating employees badly, or underpaying you/your colleagues … is this really a company you want to be working for? Although it might be working for you and them in the short term, who knows what could happen in the future.

Are management approachable and open? 

Whether it’s your direct manager, your department manager, or the CEO of the company – it’s important that at some level, you have access to management. You might need to discuss mundane day-to-day items, or perhaps it’s something more significant.

Either way, you shouldn’t feel stifled or as though you have no one to discuss issues with.

Is there opportunity and growth? 

On a more personal level – is there somewhere in the company for you to go? If you’re looking to smash through ceilings and earn promotions regularly, then a small company with under 10 staff may not be for you. Quite simply, unless you’re planning on usurping the existing CEO/Managing Director, you’re going to hit a ceiling pretty quickly.

Likewise, if you’re looking for a company that nurtures and supports you, with a personal touch – then perhaps a company with hundreds of employees might not be the one you’re looking for.



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