Complex pay rules? We can help!

Written by Caitlin Williams

Gone are the days of manually calculating penalty rates, overtime, shift allowances and the like. If you’ve got complex pay rules that are doing your head in, we’re here to help!

Our Pay Rules Interpreter will do all of the hard work for you, based on the information you provide.

For example, you provide the conditions of the pay rules (when it should apply, what it should apply, how it should apply, and any exceptions) and it will automatically calculate the correct pay rate when these conditions are met.

It doesn’t just apply to pay rates – it can also be used to set allowances or penalty rates, or even convert to different Pay Items such as leave.

Of course, we know that in reality, things aren’t always black and white. Although the pay rule might have applied correctly, things can change when it comes time for payroll!

As a result, we allow you to make as many changes as you need until payroll is complete. Even once the pay is in Process Payroll, you can still take it back and unfinalise it, then put it through the Pay Rules Interpreter once more to allow for adjustments and changes. This ensures the changes flow through to both Payroll and Invoicing.

You can also make these changes directly in Payroll, however these won’t affect invoicing – so it will depend on the individual situation.

If you’re not using our Pay Rules Interpreter, we strongly suggest you contact our Client Services Team and they can discuss options with you. You will be surprised at how much time it can save!

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