Contractor Payroll – just like PAYG, only ABN!

Written by Caitlin Williams

More and more employees are choosing to be employed under an ABN, particularly in the IT and creative industries. That’s all well and good, but how on earth do you manage the associated contractor payroll?

Step in, Astute Payroll’s Contractor Payroll module!

Once upon a time, this particular feature was lacking in a few areas but it’s had lots of love recently and is now something you’ll love using. Yes, that’s right … you’ll *love* using a payroll feature!

These days, Contractor Payroll runs much the same as the normal PAYG payroll module, with a few differences to suit the needs of contractors and their associated payments.

For example, you won’t see information such as superannuation or PAYG tax, but you will see information relating to the subcontractor entity they work through, and GST (if applicable).

You still have the same control over Contractor Payroll as you would PAYG Payroll – you can add Pay Items, edit existing Pay Items, or remove any that are unnecessary.

Once you’ve finalised the payroll information, you’ll take it through into a Pay Run, and create the ABA file as normal.

If you’ve got contractors of any kind working for your company, and you’d like to start using the Contractor Payroll module, give our Client Services Team a call.

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