Estimated Profit Report

Written by Caitlin Williams

Our Estimated Profit Report has been around for a little while now, but it’s definitely under-used … especially considering how useful it can be for you!

The report is found in Reports > Management > Estimated Profit Report

The report gives you visibility over all income and costs for the business. It also provides numerous filtering and summarisation options for extensive business analysis and insight.

Your income includes all of your sales and any negative payments you make to contractors. Your costs include all of your payments to your employees, the associated ROC, and any negative invoices (Credit Notes) that you send to your customers.

The report picks up all Pay Items and all Charge Items, including manually added items in payroll or invoicing, and items that don’t have an associated job or employee.

The report makes it easier for management to identify the most profitable recruiters and least profitable customers, along with a wealth of other information to assist in high-level decision making.

We have put together a guide to assist you in using this report – check it out here.


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