Make the most of Christmas

Written by Caitlin Williams

Whether you’re working through, or taking time off, there’s plenty of ways to make the most of Christmas … aside from all the eating and drinking!

Working through

If you’re stuck in the office, there’s a good chance it’s going to be quieter than normal. Less colleagues, less clients – the perfect time to catch up!

Every year, everyone says “Oh I’m going to catch up on that over Christmas”, but how many times does it actually happen?

The trick is to be realistic, and set achievable, specific goals. Don’t plan to clean your entire office! That sounds too big, and too vague. Instead, plan to clear out one filing cabinet drawer, or go through your desk and sort out your papers and stationery.

Don’t plan to empty your entire inbox! Again, it’s too big and too vague. Instead, plan to review each email and sort it into deleted items, items to be actioned, and filed items. You’ll be left with manageable folders of emails, which will make it easier to sort out moving forward.

Taking a break 

If you’re going on holiday, try and plan for some time to yourself when you get home. Everyone knows holidays are usually busier than we’d like! If you really want to go back to work in the New Year feeling recharged and relaxed, you need to find that ‘alone time’ at some point in your break.

Take time to think about what you want to achieve in the New Year. Again, be specific. Don’t tell yourself you want to lose weight, or save more. Set a specific goal, and figure out how you’ll achieve that goal. If you want to save $10,000 in the year, work out how much you need to put aside each pay week, and commit to it.

Think about what made you unhappy in 2016. Can you change it? Can you remove it from your life?

From all of us here at Astute Payroll, we hope you and your family, friends and loved ones have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! We look forward to seeing you in the New Year – relaxed, recharged and organised! 

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