Make your candidates feel valued

Written by Caitlin Williams

It’s the beginning of the year, and for many job seekers, the perfect time to be looking for a new role or opportunity. As a recruiter, it’s your job to help your candidates find these opportunities, but also to make your candidates feel valued.

These days, it takes more than a regular phone call or email though – to stand out from your competitors, you really need to step up and go the extra mile.

The basics still apply, of course. Maintain your regular contact – phone calls, emails, text messages, whatever it might be. For particularly valued candidates, you might even want to invest in a coffee every month or two.

When you get in touch with them, be honest. Don’t give them the same old lines each time – they’re human, and they’ll see right through it. Be honest about the job market, be honest about the opportunities that have come up. If you haven’t mentioned a position to them, but they ask you, explain why.

Listen to them. Actually listen. If they tell you they need a part time opportunity because they’ve got family and they feel guilty about returning to full time work, don’t offer them a full time role “just in case”. It won’t help the guilt. If they tell you they need full time work because they just can’t afford to live off a part time wage, don’t offer them part time “just in case”.

Keep it personal. Let them know you as a person – not just as a stern, corporate recruiter. Build a relationship and rapport with them.

Gifts never go out of fashion Рbut the actual gifts themselves might. Think outside the box. There are so many ideas for quirky corporate gifts these days, that are both personal and cost-effective Рlook around before settling for the boring hampers and coffee mugs.



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