Not using online leave management? You should be!

Written by Caitlin Williams

Leave management can be a headache for managers and bosses everywhere. We decided a long time ago to change that with our online leave management system.

There are a number of reasons paper leave requests cause problems – tracking down pieces of paper, employees forgetting what dates they applied for, asking payroll for copies of payslips to check leave balances, and re-submitting a whole new form whenever there’s a change … we’re sure we don’t have to remind you how painful it can be!

Our online leave management system has a number of benefits to streamline your leave process for employees:

  • Online leave requests mean no more paper! Good for the environment, good for managers with messy desks, good for people who hate filing …
  • Both the employee and the manager can access the leave request at any time, from anywhere, provided they have an internet connection. Perhaps the employee has put in the leave request and is at home wanting to book flights but can’t remember what dates they were approved for? Simple – they just need to log into their Astute Payroll portal, check the leave request, and book the flights!
  • Leave balances are clearly displayed for both the manager and the employee to view. This allows the employee to ask for the correct amount of leave in the first place – and if they try to ask for more, they’ll be given a reminder that their leave balance is not sufficient.
  • Speaking of leave balances … depending on how the leave type has been set up, employees can take leave even if they don’t have enough of a balance, and simply take it as unpaid.
  • Changes are easy to make – depending on the status of the leave request (submitted, approved, draft) the request can simply be reverted, and changes made before re-submitting to the manager.

If you aren’t using the Leave Management tool but want to, contact our Client Services Team today!

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