Report Updates – in case you missed it …

Written by Caitlin Williams

At the end of last year, we completed an upgrade to some of the reports on the Astute Payroll platform, and created some new reports. In case you missed it, here’s a recap …

Expense Details Report (NEW)

Reports > Payroll > Expenses > Expense Details

The Expense Details Report is a new report that displays individual Expenses listed within Expense Reports.

This makes it easier to search and summarise individual Expenses across different Expense Reports. For example, it would allow you to search for and review all travel expenses for an individual employee.

Within this report, you can filter by Payroll and Billing Entities, Dates, Customer, Categories, Employee name and Status.

You can also summarise by Payroll and Billing Entities, Customer, Employee and Category.

Employee Expenses Report (UPDATED)

Reports > Payroll > Expenses > Expense Reports

This report was previously named the ‘Employee Expenses’ Report. You’ll now find it’s been renamed to the ‘Expense Reports’. This is to emphasise that it is reporting at the Expense Reports level rather than the individual Expense level.  

This report is now also found in the same ‘Expenses’ subheading within the Payroll Reports navigation. Nothing else on this report has been changed.

Recoverable Deductions Report (UPDATED)

Reports > Payroll > Recoverable Deductions

We have updated the Recoverable Deductions Report to include two export options – PDF and CSV.  These both provide the unexpanded view of the report.

Job Report (UPDATED)

Reports > Management > Job Report

The ‘Detailed’ CSV export now displays the Approver, Rate Card and Rule Group of the Job.  All other fields remain the same.

As always, if you have any questions about these reports or others, please contact our Client Services Team.

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