Simple invoicing? It’s possible!

Written by Caitlin Williams

Invoicing can be a regular source of headaches for accounts staff the world over, particularly those working in recruiting. Simple invoicing is the dream, right?

We completely understand some of the challenges faced with invoicing for temp (and permanent) recruitment – invoices get “lost”, payments get forgotten, there’s no transparency on your profits and total amounts invoiced. So we made it our mission to simplify invoicing, and help recruitment business receive payments sooner.

Data straight from the timesheet to the invoice

Avoid manual calculations and data entry, and allow the Pay Conditions Interpreter and Invoicing module to manage what goes onto your invoices.

When you finalise a timesheet in the Pay Conditions Interpreter, you’re effectively setting how the timesheet will be paid and invoiced. The data flows through to the invoice, and you can further edit at this point.

If there’s no changes to be made, your invoices can be ready within 30 seconds – not bad!

No more “lost” invoices

When you email invoices out to your clients from Astute Payroll, they’re sent with a unique tracking code that allows you to see when your client has opened the invoice.

No more excuses from them to explain away missed payments – you have full visibility over when the invoice was sent, and who opened it.

Payment Reminders

Payments still outstanding? You can gently remind your clients with payment reminders – set up an automated schedule with customisable text to remind them when a payment falls past due.

Manual Invoice Creation

Sometimes invoices aren’t generated from a timesheet – whether it’s for a permanent placement or another expense, sometimes you just need to create something from scratch.

Use our invoice generator to create an invoice and add as many line items and details as you require. They’ll be in the same format and style as your temp invoices, to keep your branding streamlined and consistent.

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