Technology in HR

Written by Caitlin Williams

Technology seems to be growing faster than any of us can keep up, and it seems like there’s a new product being released every week.¬†Everything seems to be designed to make us more effective, more productive, more organised … so it makes sense that technology in HR is becoming more popular.

Although they may seem like worlds apart, HR and IT can be a powerful force when they are combined. There are a number of ways that technology can make HR a more efficient, more supportive and more powerful part of your business.

Online payroll and timesheet systems are an obvious one, but there’s more to it than that.

Products like Trello, Evernote and Jira all offer a range of solutions to help keep your team on track with projects and tasks. You don’t need to have a specific project-based team, or even work to any kind of methodology – these type of software products allow you to track any kind of task, and monitor progress easily. They can even be used for performance management, or staff tracking if you’re feeling motivated enough to configure it accordingly!


Social media platforms like Facebook can also be used as an HR tool. Facebook groups and private pages can be a great way for staff to stay engaged and in contact, particularly if your business has multiple sites or locations.

Depending on how your company’s network is set up, you might want to share files that can be accessed externally. This could include specific forms, policies and documents. Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox can all solve this problem – provide your employees with a shareable link, and they’ll be able to access from work or home.

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