The benefits of online timesheets

Written by Caitlin Williams

The new year is coming, and it’s the perfect time to reassess your business processes and systems. One of the biggest headaches for our clients before using Astute Payroll is their timesheet process. After discovering the benefits of online timesheets, our clients haven’t looked back!

Efficient timesheet processing 

This one seems obvious, but we’re starting with it anyway! Online timesheets remove the need for transcribing data and figures from a paper timesheet, an Excel spreadsheet, or a PDF, ultimately saving hours in the long run.

Online timesheets allow your employees to enter their hours directly into the system you’re using for timesheet management and payroll. Of course, you still need to check them – but there’s a mountain of admin work at your end already saved!

Easy (and quick!) approval 

The age old story of timesheet approvers losing their employee’s timesheets in an ever-growing in-tray is familiar to all recruiters.

It’s frustrating for everyone, including the employee and the accountant trying to pay the timesheets, as well as the approver who has to find the piece of paper!

Online timesheets mean email approvals – the approver can approve the timesheet from their computer, or wherever they are using their mobile phone. This means approval is generally done straight away, as soon as the approval email is received, which speeds up the entire timesheet approval process.

Less frustration, less stress – perfect!

Less paper 

In a world where every business is trying to reduce their impact on the environment, and their costs, any chance to use less paper is snatched up.

Online timesheets remove the need for paper. The entire process, from submission to approval to payroll, can be done online.

Get with the times! 

Clients and candidates are more discerning these days, and any little thing can be the difference between choosing your business or another.

Technology (or lack of) can be a big factor in this. If a candidate has the option between temping with a company using modern software, and a company still using paper timesheets, it’s a fair bet they’ll choose the former.

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