New Feature – Timesheet Holiday Groups

Written by Caitlin Williams

As we make our way through the first half of the new year, we’ll start to hit the majority of public holidays. They can be a pain to manage on timesheets … which is where our Timesheet Holiday Groups comes in!

For employees submitting hours via timesheets, it can be easy to accidentally put in hours on a public holiday without meaning to, especially when filling out timesheets quickly. We’ve all done it! And of course, this can lead to accidental overpayment if it’s not picked up before payroll, which is a headache for everyone involved.

Don’t worry though, we’re here to help! Our new feature, Holiday Groups, allow you to configure a flag for any public holidays or other holidays, to remind the employee not to submit hours if not required.

If you have the Holiday Groups module enabled in your portal (Config > Payroll > Holiday Groups), the holidays assigned to the individual employee will be displayed on the timesheet in question.

The name of the holiday (e.g. Australia Day) will be shown under the date on the left of the timesheet, so that the employee sees it before entering in hours against that day. 

Some things to note:

  • Holidays won’t be included in the ‘copy to all’ function
  • Users will be reminded if they try to submit a timesheet with hours on an assigned public holiday
  • Approval emails will have a message in them, highlighting hours submitted on a public holiday

If you’d like more information on the Holiday Groups module, or the Timesheet Holiday Groups feature, please contact our Client Services team.


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