Tips for introducing new payroll software and processes

Written by Caitlin Williams

If you’re introducing new payroll software and processes into your business, there’s a few things you need to consider to help the process run smoothly and minimise business disruption.

Firstly, remember that your employees might be feeling fragile or fearful of what impact the software will have on them individually. If your payroll is managed by 2-3 staff, and you tell them how much time it’s going to save them/the business, it’s only natural that they might wonder what will happen in the time that they’ve saved … does this mean you’ll reduce their hours?

Be clear from the start, and give clarity over what you expect the payroll team to do in the time that they’re saving. Perhaps they’ve not been able to work on other tasks because payroll took longer in the past – remind them of this. Perhaps you would like them to take on more responsibility. A little clarity goes a long way.

Secondly, listen to your employees and make sure you understand what they do. Not many managers/owners/directors can say they know exactly what their staff do, and how they do it – you might have an idea, or you might think you know, but often the employees are doing something completely different to what you would expect.

Once you’ve identified the software you’re going to be using, or once you know you need to find a suitable software program, sit down with your employees and talk through their current processes. What do they do? How do they do it? Why do they do it? There’s a good chance they’ll tell you things you haven’t considered, and this could have huge implications on the software product you choose.

Finally, be clear and transparent throughout the whole process. Employees can feel nervous through periods of change, so communication is key. Let them know you’re looking for a new software product. Ask them for recommendations. Let them have a look at the demonstrations of the product. Ask them to give feedback, or encourage questions. Give them timeframes, and support them as they work to them.

And remember, our Client Services Team and your account manager have years of experience in managing implementations of Astute Payroll, so be sure to ask for any advice or ideas.

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