Why choose a cloud-based payroll system?

Written by Caitlin Williams

We could wax lyrical all day about why we think businesses should consider cloud-based payroll systems, but we’re biased, of course … so we thought we’d give some pretty concrete reasons why it’s worth considering a move to help you make the decision.


This one is a no-brainer. Cloud-based means you can access the payroll software from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection.

If you’re the owner of a small business and you want to take a holiday, but still need to get the payroll done – no problem! Just log on and run your payroll simply and easily.

We’ve had clients run payrolls from the airport whilst waiting for a flight, and we’ve had clients run payroll during the middle of a tropical summer holiday. You’re no longer chained to your desk on payroll day!

Reputation & Credibility

No one wants to work for a company that’s using old technology, and that goes for the payroll system you’re using. Whether it be your permanent or temporary staff, it’s a selling point to them that you’re focused on the future and investing in technology that will help the business.

No downtime 

If your computer fails, or your server crashes, you run the risk of losing access to data if it’s installed via a software program on your computer.

Not so for cloud-based – if your laptop accidentally takes a bath, or if your server decides it’s had enough, your payroll can still be processed with no delays. Cloud-based payroll systems like Astute Payroll aren’t reliant or dependent on hardware – just a simple internet connection.


Cloud-based software is often much more affordable, with greater value, than programs installed on your server or computer.

For one thing, they’re often available with monthly plans based on the number of users – so if your business grows, you can let the software grow with it, but if business is slow, then you’re not paying for something you’re not using.

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