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Beautiful, easy to use cloud based recruitment software. JobAdder is a privately owned international company with over 10,000 users globally. JobAdders offers a full range of features from task management to email integration and the ability to post job ads directly to over 200 job boards. JobAdder is much more than an ATS: JobAdder is your all in one CRM.

  • Review and rate job applications, read resumes and cover letters, record interview notes, manage tasks and much much more, all in a tap.
  • Expert mobile developers and designers who have an exciting roadmap of mobile products and initiatives underway at all times.
  • Recruit on-the-go from anywhere with JobAdder's range of mobile apps, including iOS, Android, WIndows Phone and HTML5 (any device).

How does it work with Astute Payroll?

Save time and update your placement and candidate information in one place only. Create your placements and add new candidate & client information in JobAdder, then submit them to Astute Payroll via a simple, quick integration. Data is created in Astute Payroll, and updates are seamless, ensuring you have time for the more important things in your day. You can even create permanent placement invoices in Astute Payroll via permanent placements in JobAdder. Invoicing has never been so easy.

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