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Total Recruitment Information System (TRIS) is a recruitment software program built by recruiters with a passion for recruiting. Since 2001 Recruitment Systems has been making recruiters more effective by developing, delivering and supporting the operational systems which support recruitment best practice. Candidate care is the most critical part of recruitment, and TRIS was built on the philosophy of the highest possible degree of candidate care. With TRIS your candidates will not be left wondering what has happened to their application.

  • TRIS identifies bottlenecks to aid process improvement
  • Enforces good recruitment process, and ensures that your team complete mandatory steps every time
  • Localised in most Asian and European languages

How does it work with Astute Payroll?

TRIS integrates seamlessly with Astute Payroll.
Placement, candidate and client information is submitted from TRIS and pushed through to Astute Payroll, creating new records or updating existing records.
Never again will you need to update data in two separate places - let the TRIS and Astute Payroll integration take care of the work for you.

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Technical Specification

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