Notice of Changes to the Astute Payroll API

Written by Caitlin Williams

Notice of Changes to the Astute Payroll API

The methods listed below will be changing in our upcoming 10.0 release. We have listed actions required, on your part, to ensure your integration will continue to work in the way you expect.

Summary of Changes

  • UserSave – Improved pay_type functionality
  • TimesheetAddInterp – Differences in processing pre-interpreted data

Methods Changed

UserSave – Improved pay_type functionality

We will allow updating the pay_type of an Employee until they have been paid.  Previously we only allowed changes until they had finalised timesheets.  We have updated the error message where we are unable to make changes to the pay_type, to better reflect this new functionality.

Previous message: “User has Finalised timesheets. Pay type cannot not changed”
New message: “Cannot change employee pay type. The employee has been paid”

The response ResultCode of ‘1’ (Error) remains unchanged.

Action Required:  Ensure your integration can handle the updated error message.

TimesheetAddInterp – Differences in processing pre-interpreted data

Pre-interpreted data set on a timesheet before a Job’s start date will no longer appear in Payroll.  Previously, when a Job started mid-week, and hours were provided for a day earlier in the week, they would flow through into Payroll.  Now only hours submitted within the date range of the Job will flow through to Payroll.

Action Required:  Ensure you are only sending pre-interpreted timesheet data for valid Job dates (i.e. after the Job start date, and before the Job end date.)

Other Changes

We expect overall performance of the API to improve in the 10.0 release, however certain methods – such as UserSave, UserAddFixedPayItem and UserRemoveFixedPayItem – may have increased response times due to increased caching.

As always, please contact Client Services at if you have any queries.