New Interpretation Action: Fractional Days

Written by Caitlin Williams

10.8 Release Notification – 1 Feb 2017


New Interpretation Action: Fractional Days
Simpler conversion of hourly Timesheets into daily payments

There have also been regular bug fixes and performance improvements. If you have reported any bugs that have been resolved in this release you will be notified by the Client Services team directly.


New Interpretation Action: Fractional Days

Config > Payroll > Pay Rules

We have added a new Action to the Rules Engine, to allow payment based on how much of a Full Time day an Employee works.  This makes it easier for Employees who record their time in hours to be paid a daily rate.  Unlike the condition that matches a percentage of a day, this action relies on each Employee’s expected Full Time day – so a single Pay Rule can be applied to any number of Employees with different expected days.  

Please consult the Timesheet Interpretation Fractional Day Guide for more information.


API Changes

We are updating the WSDL documentation in this release to better explain our expected date and time formats.  There is no change to the function of the API in this release.