Introducing Release 9.16

Written by Caitlin Williams

We have introduced new leave category options to allow hiding certain categories from the employee’s Leave Balance report (such as sick leave), and to display different names to employees (useful when you have more than one Annual Leave type).  We’re also adding an option to bulk upload lists that can prevent employees editing timesheets, along with regular bug fixes and performance improvements.

If you have reported any bugs that have been resolved in this release you will be notified by the Client Services team directly.


Hiding Leave Balances from the Employee Leave Balances Report

Config > Leave > Leave Categories

When editing a leave category, you’re now able to choose if you’d like this leave category displayed when the employee logs in to the Astute Payroll application by selecting “Show Balance to Employee”.  This is in addition to the existing “Show Balance to Payslips” checkbox.

Please note while the hidden leave category will not be displayed within the employee’s Leave Balances report, the leave balance will still be present when the employee requests leave.

Adding Common Names to Leave Types

Config > Leave > Leave Categories

We now offer a Common Name setting on leave categories, allowing you to set a name that will be displayed to employees.  This allows you to have different leave category names for internal staff and employees.  For example, internal staff could see “Annual / 4 weeks / accrued” while the employee simply sees “Annual Leave”.  The common name will be displayed when the employee logs into the Astute Payroll application, as well as on timesheets and payslips.

Preventing Employees from Adjusting Timesheets when on a Bulk List

Config > Payroll > Bulk Upload Lists

There is now an “Employee Editable” checkbox on bulk upload lists.  By default, employees are able to edit unsubmitted timesheets – unselecting this will make timesheets read only for employees with jobs in that bulk upload list.

Bug fixes

Pay Run Report Update

The Pay Run Report now includes superannuation deductions in the deductions total, rather than the superannuation total – to be consistent with other reports.