Report Improvements and Dates on Bullhorn Rates

Written by Caitlin Williams

10.13 Release Notification – 19 Mar 2017


Recoverable Deduction Report Improvements
Easier viewing of outstanding recoverable deductions

Dates on Bullhorn Rates
Rate changes are now dated when importing from the Bullhorn RMS

There have also been regular bug fixes and performance improvements. If you have reported any bugs that have been resolved in this release you will be notified by the Client Services team directly.


Recoverable Deduction Report Improvements

Reports > Payroll > Recoverable Deductions

We’re improving the Recoverable Deductions Report to show all outstanding deductions by default, and making it possible to search when deductions were incurred.

Dates on Bullhorn Rates

Previously pay and charge rate changes imported from Bullhorn would be given the effective date of the import. We’re changing this to be the date set within Bullhorn for that particular rate. Where we have no date set, we’ll continue to use the date of import.