New Estimated Profit Report and API Updates

Written by Caitlin Williams

9.20 Release Notification – 18 Sep 2016


New Estimated Profit Report
Know exactly where your business is performing

Important Reminder: You need employee birthdates for payslip emails
From 21 September payslip PDFs will be password protected when you email them


There have also been regular bug fixes and performance improvements. If you have reported any bugs that have been resolved in this release you will be notified by the Client Services team directly.


Estimated Profit Report

Reports > Management > Estimated Profit Report

The Estimated Profit Report gives visibility over all income and costs for the business, and provides numerous filtering and summarisation options for extensive business analysis and insight. The report includes everything you pay and charge, including timesheets, expenses and manually added items. It makes it easier to identify your most profitable recruiters and least profitable customers, along with a wealth of other information to assist in high-level decision making.

Please review the Guide for more details and configuration instructions.

Important Reminder: You need employee birthdates for payslip emails

This is a follow up to advice provided in July.

From 21 September 2016 the PDFs of payslips and payment summaries sent to employees via email will be password protected.

The password will be the employee’s DOB in YYYYMMDD format (e.g. “19350108”, if you employed Elvis).

To ensure your employees can open their payslips, you must ensure that correct birthdates are entered into the system before we turn this feature on. If it is missing from their profile, we won’t send an attachment and the employee will need to login to the portal to access these documents.

You can check employee birthdates in the Detailed CSV Export of the Superannuation Report (Reports > Payroll > Superannuation).

Up to 5 Recruiters in UserSave

We’ve expanded the API UserSave functionality to support up to 5 recruiters and splits per job (same as within the User Interface).

We’ve added the following fields to the API UserSave method: recruiter3_user_id,recruiter3_margin_split, recruiter4_user_id, recruiter4_margin_split,recruiter5_user_id and recruiter5_margin_split.

Please Note: Error Reporting
These fields will return an error where:

  • The portal hasn’t been configured to support the number of recruiters or splits you are sending. This includes a change where where recruiter2_margin_splitwill only be accepted when splits are enabled.
  • Splits are less than 1% or total over 100%