New Login Form, GL Code and API Changes

Written by Caitlin Williams

9.22 Release Notification – 5 Oct 2016


New Login Form
Updated with a modern looks

Default Payroll Tax GL Account Codes
Simplified set-up for exports with national payroll tax account codes

Security Update 
As mentioned previously, we have recently released a new feature where you can elect to password protect pay slips and payment summaries. Given the focus on information security, enabling this is a very good idea. Please to discuss and have it turned on.


There have also been regular bug fixes and performance improvements. If you have reported any bugs that have been resolved in this release you will be notified by the Client Services team directly.


New Login Form

We’re updating the style of the login page – it’s still us, we’re just a little prettier!

Default Payroll Tax GL Account Codes

Config > Payroll > GL Groups

If you have a single General Ledger (GL) Account Code for Payroll Tax you can now set this as the “Payroll Tax – Default” within the GL Group. This will be used for any States/Territories where a specific GL code has not been set.

GL Group Fallbacks in UserSave

We have added two new fields to support our GL Ledger integrations. The API UserSave method is being expanded to include these, as follows: ‘gl_group_fallback’ and ‘job_gl_group_fallback’.  No changes are required to existing integrations – the two new fields are optional.


When the gl_group_id is not set, this is where we will look for the GL Group for the employee. Valid values are ‘payroll_entity’ and ‘portal’.


When the job_gl_group_id is not set, this is where we will look for the GL Group for the job. Valid values are ’employee’, ‘billing_entity’, ‘payroll_entity’ and ‘portal’.