Simpler Leave Reporting

Written by Caitlin Williams

10.15 Release Notification – 5 Apr 2017


Simpler Leave Reporting
Improvements to make leave easier to understand

There have also been regular bug fixes and performance improvements. If you have reported any bugs that have been resolved in this release you will be notified by the Client Services team directly.


Simpler Leave Reporting

There are now just two balances shown within the leave system:

  • Current Balance
    This is the amount of leave that an Employee is entitled to as at the point of their last Pay Run.  It does not include any leave requests or accruals that are not in a Pay Run.  This is the value that is shown on a pay slip.
  • Available Balance
    This is the Current Balance minus any leave that is not in a Pay Run.  This includes leave requests and timesheet leave.

For example, if an Employee has 80 hours of annual leave accrued and they submit a leave request for 8 hours, their Current Balance will be 80 hours and their Available Balance will be 72 hours.  Once they are paid for that leave (ignoring any other accruals) their Current Balance will be 72 hours and their Available Balance will be 72 hours.

If you’d like to learn more about these changes, please review our Understanding Leave Reporting document.

API Changes

As part of this change, we will be adjusting the following API methods:

  • UserLeaveBalanceList – New value added, three values removed.
  • UserLeaveTypeUnAssign – Two restrictions removed and a new warning message.

Please view our integration partner technical update for further information.

There are no changes to any other methods of the API in this release.