Updated Timesheet Filtering and Expense Icons

Written by Caitlin Williams

9.24 Release Notification – 26 Oct 2016


Timesheet Status Report ‘All Outstanding’ Filtering Change
Updated filtering to make it easier to manage your outstanding timesheets

Updated Expense Icons
Consistent look for statuses


There have also been regular bug fixes and performance improvements. If you have reported any bugs that have been resolved in this release you will be notified by the Client Services team directly.


Timesheet Status Report 'All Outstanding' Filtering Change

Reports > Payroll > Timesheet Status

The ‘All Outstanding’ status will no longer display ‘Finalised’ timesheets.

Previously ‘All Outstanding’ meant the timesheet had not been paid. This was a problem when the timesheet was never going to be paid, and it also forgot about invoicing. We have updated this filter so that it now only picks up statuses that relate directly to the timesheet, and not downstream processing. The Timesheet Status Report ‘All Outstanding’ filter now displays the following statuses:

  • Not Opened
  • Pending Submission
  • Pending Approval
  • Ready for Interpretation
  • Did Not Work (Unprocessed)

Note: you can still deselect the ‘All Outstanding’ filter to find timesheets in any status.

Updated Expense Icons

We’ve updated status icons for expenses throughout the system so they are the same as used for timesheets.