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Payroll software
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Payroll software that keeps up with your business.

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Streamlined from placement to payroll. Turn your manual payroll processes into one seamless, automated process.

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The Astute Payroll software application is extremely intuitive and logical. There’s nothing else like it on the market. If you are in recruitment and don’t have a $1M budget to build your own, then Astute Payroll is a must have for your business.

Mark Harrisson CFO, Brooklyn International

Automating the payroll process means more time to focus on our staff . Astute Payroll gives us that time.

Jessica Long Human Resources Director, Make It Cheaper

As a business leader making the best use of my time is essential. Astute Payroll systemised our payroll function and gave me and my team back value time.

Rebecca Wallace Managing Director, Launch Recruitment

I needed an end-to-end solution to run my fast-growing recruitment and consulting firm. It needed to be online, automated, and be able to talk with our CRM and accounting applications. The answer was Astute Payroll...

Sarah McCandless Managing Director, Enterprise IT Resources

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