Hands on, interactive training is the best way to get your team to adopt Astute Payroll.
Our training services provide your team with the necessary skills to become true experts and
leverage the full range of Astute Payroll’s solutions to meet your business needs.

We also host free webinars that guide you through our latest features and enhancements,or provide you with a bit of a refresher on existing functions.

Upcoming Webinars

These webinars are a mixture of training in new features that have been recently released, or quick refreshers on existing functionality. 

Sessions are grouped into New Features and Training and you can register for the full monthly set at the same time. So, come along to all 4 or just pop in to one or two, it’s up to you! 

New Features

Check out some of the newest functionality in the system and learn how to get the most out if it!

Tuesday 01 September  | 2:00 PM AEST – Visa Module Changes

Tuesday 08 September  | 2:00 PM AEST – Leave Module (AU)

Tuesday 15 September  | 2:00 PM AEST – Holiday Groups

Tuesday 22 September  | 2:00 PM AEST – Project Management Module

Tuesday 29 September  | 2:00 PM AEST – Reporting Features: Subentities & Reporting Period Management


Need a refresher? Join us as we break down the software into bite-size pieces and help you maximise your knowledge and efficiency!

Thursday 03 September  | 10:00 AM AEST – Integration: Xero

Thursday 10 September  | 10:00 AM AEST – Integration: MYOB

Thursday 17 September  | 10:00 AM AEST – Timesheet Adjustments (incl. Impact Report)

Thursday 24 September  | 10:00 AM AEST – Employee Experience: Onboarding & Submitting Timesheets

Expert Training.
The fastest path to success.

Your business needs to get the maximum benefit from every technology investment. Our training sessions are designed to pass on our years of experience, knowledge and expertise to your team. They will be more efficient, productive, empowered and self sufficient.


The quickest way to increase ownership is through training. Give your team the skills they need and want.


Trained staff can do more in less time with fewer mistakes. Make your staff their most productive yet.


Train your staff to know how to use Astute Payroll to its fullest extent, ensuring you save time and money.


The more your team know about Astute Payroll's features the quicker they will adopt it and use it with confidence.


Training gives your staff the knowledge to share with others in their team, increasing participation.


We review the application against predefined success criteria and verify everything is running smoothly.

We're ready to share what we know

Training is available in your office, in one of our offices, online, or at one of our regular workshops held in capital cities throughout the year. Whatever format, budget, location, or group size, we’ve got it covered.


Our most popular training format is online, because it allows you and your staff to be trained from the comfort of their desk. These sessions are one on one or small group, interactive and tailored to your specific needs.


Onsite training at your office can be conducted wherever you are located. These sessions are again one on one or small groups, depending on the needs of your specific team.


Group training is available at one of our regular workshops held in capital cities throughout the year. Get in touch with the team to check the current schedule.

Join hundreds of Australian companies that trust Astute Payroll to streamline their payroll.

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