Hands on, interactive training is the best way to get your team to adopt Astute Payroll.
Our training services provide your team with the necessary skills to become true experts and
leverage the full range of Astute Payroll’s solutions to meet your business needs.

We also host free webinars that guide you through our latest features and enhancements, or provide you with a bit of a refresher on existing functions.

2022 Account Management Training Program

We’re so excited to be able to offer a combination of onsite and online training sessions for clients this year. Whether it’s a bit of a refresher or a deep-dive into our Rules Engine, we’ve got something for everyone. Check out the sessions below and head to the links to register. We look forward to seeing you!

Free Training (AU) – Onsite + Online sessions available

Great for first-time users of the Astute platform, or admin users looking for a bit of a refresher. Please note, the onsite sessions are limited to 1 team member per customer per year. If you need more than 1 team member to attend, please feel free to register for one of the online sessions instead. Alternatively, please email our account management team and someone will reach out to you directly.

Rules Training (In Depth) – Onsite + Online sessions available

These sessions are designed for admins who will be taking ownership of the rules in your portal. We’ll take a deep dive into the rules engine and provide you with the training to manage this function yourself. This will either be a full day onsite session, or 4 online sessions (1.5 hours per session). 


Rules Training (Basic) – Online only

In this brand new training session, we’ll be taking you through the basics of the rules engine and how it all comes together. We’ll take you through some common rules such as weekend rates and allowances on timesheets. This is a great opportunity for those who just want to understand the foundations of the rules engine for basic rule management. 

Note: If you’re looking for something more than just the basics, please register for the In Depth session rather than this one. 


Free Training (NZ) – Online only

We’re now offering a free training session for clients in NZ, or Australian clients with an NZ workforce. This is a great introductory session in to the core NZ functionality in Astute, or for existing clients just wanting a bit of a refresher on this part of the software. 


GTO Training – Online only

These training sessions have been designed specifically for our GTO (Group Training Organisation) clients. We’ll cover the key differences on how GTO’s use the system, from configuration right through to all the other parts of the system. 


Monthly Wrap Up Webinar – Online only

Once  a month, we’ll take this opportunity to go through any significant new functionality that has been released. Where there haven’t been any big releases in the previous month, we’ll go through an existing function in the system (things like the Project Management tool, or Timesheet Importers, for example). 

Expert Training.
The fastest path to success.

Your business needs to get the maximum benefit from every technology investment. Our training sessions are designed to pass on our years of experience, knowledge and expertise to your team. They will be more efficient, productive, empowered and self sufficient.


The quickest way to increase ownership is through training. Give your team the skills they need and want.


Trained staff can do more in less time with fewer mistakes. Make your staff their most productive yet.


Train your staff to know how to use Astute Payroll to its fullest extent, ensuring you save time and money.


The more your team know about Astute Payroll's features the quicker they will adopt it and use it with confidence.


Training gives your staff the knowledge to share with others in their team, increasing participation.


We review the application against predefined success criteria and verify everything is running smoothly.

We're ready to share what we know

Training is available in your office, in one of our offices, online, or at one of our regular workshops held in capital cities throughout the year. Whatever format, budget, location, or group size, we’ve got it covered.


Our most popular training format is online, because it allows you and your staff to be trained from the comfort of their desk. These sessions are one on one or small group, interactive and tailored to your specific needs.


Onsite training at your office can be conducted wherever you are located. These sessions are again one on one or small groups, depending on the needs of your specific team.


Group training is available at one of our regular workshops held in capital cities throughout the year. Get in touch with the team to check the current schedule.

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