Complete control from onboarding through to payroll

Astute Payroll takes workforce management to a whole new level. Have total control over and insight into every aspect of your payroll and invoicing functions. It's live 24/7 and accessible through any web browser from any location. No delays, errors, or missing data; leaving you free to focus on things that are more important.


All the features to
manage your workforce

Looking for an enterprise-grade cloud application loaded with every feature you need to automate and streamline your workforce management processes? Look no further than Astute Payroll. It's all here.

Employee Onboarding

Create a fantastic onboarding experience for new hires and ensure their compliance, but also reaffirm your employer brand as caring and helpful.

Auto reminders

Email reminders take care of the forgetful by prompting them to log in and start their personalised onboarding process.

Info all in one place

Collect addresses, emergency contacts, bank and other data into a single and secure location, and be notified when it is updated.

Unrestricted Access

Give new employees full flexibility to complete their onboarding process from any browser at any location at any time of the day.

Track Changes

See at a glance who changed what and when. Give employees the option of changing their details whilst tracking every change/update for audit purposes.


The legalities of a new hire can be complex and confusing. With Astute Payroll give your new hire a smooth and controlled process online that is accessible 24/7.

STP Reporting

Single Touch Payroll submissions can be made to the ATO from Astute Payroll using your company AUSkey.

Superstream made super easy

Astute Payroll is fully SuperStream compliant, including a direct lookup feature that lists all the fund identification data instantly. It couldn't be easier.

Worksite specific profiles

Increase compliance by giving specific employees at specific worksites documents only relating to them. Profiles can be set against customers or workplaces and include docs or videos.

Record & audit acceptances

All acceptances are time- and date-stamped then stored forever in your employees profile. Management have full access to reports showing all acceptances across the workforce.

Docs, images, and videos.

Do you have a video that you need to prove was viewed? Easy. Upload PDF, MP4, GIF, or JPG files, group them into a profile and they will automatically appear for acceptance when your employee first logs in.

Reporting and Filing

We give you the tools to slice and dice your compliance data your way. Save your favourite report settings for future use and get total visibility of your workforce's compliance.

TFN Declarations online

Astute Payroll is one of only a few software firms in Australia with a direct integration into the ATO. Tax file declarations can easily be completed and submitted online by using your company AUSkey.

Employee Self Service

Empower your employees with a 24/7 online profile detailing all their important employment information such as leave, expenses, tax, super, wages, benefits, visa, deductions and more.

Job and wages history

Employees can see all their job details including timesheets, expenses, wages and pay slips. All the information your employee needs is on one screen.

Multiple bank accounts

Your employees can log in 24/7 to update their new bank account details, add more accounts to split their wage and save on paperwork all round.

Superstream compliant

Let your employees update their superannuation details whenever they need to with Astute Payroll's fully compliant Superstream feature.

Timesheets and payslips

Timesheets and payslips are automatically saved in the employee's profile, allowing them to access their records 24/7 from any web browser.

Year-To-Date balances

Whether it be wages, allowances, super, tax, or leave; it is all automatically updated and saved to each employee's profile for their reference at any time.

Compliance docs, visas & tickets

All compliance documents and videos are time- and date-stamped, then saved in each employee's profile. Visa details and expiry dates are also saved and accessible.


Easily handle multiple jobs, projects, shifts and leave all on the one timesheet.

Many jobs. One timesheet.

Our timesheet handles any scenario you can think of including multiple jobs, projects, shifts and more. Remove the tedium of multiple or paper timesheets. Say goodbye to errors and wasted time.

Time blocks

Time blocks allow amazing flexibility in how hours are allocated during a day. Time blocks can be used to record hours for a specific job or project, or provide traditional shift functionality.


Setup what type of breaks can be taken, the length of breaks, and what jobs they relate to, then add rounding features to ensure you stay within your business rules.

Easy auditing

Astute Payroll records every action taken on a timesheet and who made it. Easily check the status of a timesheet and see when it was last edited, saved, submitted, rejected, approved, interpreted and paid.

Employee leave

Create leave types, set automatic leave accruals and forecast future leave. Select from multiple approval paths then automatically process leave as it automatically appears when processing payroll.


Easily create any type of allowance and have your employees process this directly from their timesheet. Alternatively, set the allowances to add automatically when a Pay Rule has been triggered, or use it as a separate module with separate approvals.

Multiple approval paths

Need more than one Approver? No problem. Set as many Approvers as you like and even set a group of Approvers for your employee to choose from.

Highly configurable

We know the week doesn’t always start on Monday. Choose a weekly starting day and allow your employees to log their time on an hourly or daily basis.

Auto reminders

Employees and approvers are automatically reminded by email to complete or review a timesheet. Just set how often they should be reminded, then customise the email and you’re done.


Need to attach documents to timesheets? Fine. Have employees upload documents as attachments and have those attachments automatically flow through to payroll.


Astute Payroll automates, simplifies, speeds and improves the expense management process. Even better is that it's online and accessible 24/7 from any web browser or smart phone.

It's mobile

Manage the entire expenses process on a mobile device making it simple for employees and managers to complete expenses tasks on the go.

ATO compliant

Astute Payroll ensures your organisation remains compliant and enables you to optimise GST reclaim and FBT liability on travel and expense spend.

Security at every step

Managing expenses is serious business, so that's why we use 256-bit SSL encryption. Rest assured that Astute Payroll is as secure as your online banking.

Real-time reporting

No more paper and spreadsheets. Astute Payroll gives you real-time visibility into reimbursable expenses with configurable and easy-to-use reports.

Submit expenses on a timesheet

Give employees on timesheets the ability to submit expenses on the same screen. This saves them precious minutes and ensures your procedures are maintained.

Attachments & notes

Need to attach a document other than the receipt and maybe even make some notes? Easy. Astute Payroll gives you full flexibility to offer both to your employees.


Astute Payroll gives you an easy to use leave management tool that calculates leave balances in real-time whilst providing management visibility into leave entitlements and resource availability.

Full day, half day or hours

Leave requests can be set to be applied for in full days, half days, quarter days or hours. You can even accept partial days by specifying start and end times.

Request leave on the go

Manage the entire leave process on a mobile device making it simple for employees and managers to complete leave tasks on the go.

Team calendar view

With our team calendar view Astute Payroll gives leave Approvers visibility into how a leave request affects the rest of their team.

Live management reports

No more paper and spreadsheets. Astute Payroll gives you real-time visibility into leave requests and leaves balances with configurable and easy-to-use reports.

Requests and approvals

Empower employees with online leave requests. Email reminders and flexible workflows speed up the leave approval process and ensure accuracy and compliance.

Employee self service

Leave is accessible to employees from their self service profile where they can request leave, check on year-to-date balance, or even calculate a future leave balance.

Pay Rules & Interpretation

Manage every aspect of how your employees are paid. Create powerful pay rules for automation or manually adjust specific details of an employee’s pay.

Take control

Create your rules your way then update and use them with any employee in any pay cycle. If you need help simply purchase some support time and a Payroll Specialist will only be a call away.

Any rule you want

Astute Payroll's Pay Rules engine allows you to automate most payroll decisions including time of day, day of week, shift duration, split shifts, allowance, holidays and many, many more.

Manual or auto

Allow your employee to manually select a rule on their timesheet, like a meal allowance, or have it automatically calculated and added in payroll.

Rule groups

Create your individual rules, then add them to multiple rule groups, thus saving you endless complication and messy overlapping.

Timesheet templates

Timesheet templates are a clever way to set pre-defined time to an employee's timesheet so they don't have to worry about filling one in.

Help is just a phone call away

If you ever need help creating, updating, or running pay rules simply purchase some support time and a specialist will be available to help you get back on track.

Payroll Processing

Paying your employees is simple. Create multiple pay cycles, connect with your bank, generate payslips or export your data.

Timesheet adjustments

Easily make adjustments to employees hours, assign new pay items, add rates, allowances and deductions.


Payslips are automatically sent to your employees via email once a pay run has been finalised and sent to your bank.

Powerful pay rules

Configure rules for overtime, weekends, breaks and allowances and more. Timesheets are then automatically interpreted against any defined rules.

Easy bank integration

Astute Payroll generates an industry standard ABA file complete with your payroll data ready to upload into your online banking system.

Connect with your other services

Using Astute Payroll's import/export tool or our API, easily push general ledger updates into your accounting software including MYOB, Xero, and others.

Notes & history

Any adjustments to an employee’s timesheet will be time and date stamped, recorded and kept on the system for future reference.

Multiple pay cycles

Complete payroll flexibility. You can create multiple pay runs at different frequencies - weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one-off payments like employee bonuses.

Last minute changes? No worries.

Need to make some last minute changes to an employee's pay before executing a pay run? No problem - with Astute Payroll you can make adjustments at every step.


Know when invoices are viewed

Astute Payroll shows you in real-time the exact time and date an invoice has been viewed and by whom. Never again hear the words "I mustn't have got it"!

Auto late payment reminders

Never chase an invoice again with Astute Payroll's auto late payment reminder emails. Set the 'days overdue' trigger and even customise your messages.

Accept credit cards and direct debit

Got a direct debit facility? Great. With Astute Payroll you can integrate it and accept payments by direct debit and credit cards. Give us a call to see if we integrate with your bank.

Consolidate invoices

For those who are time-billing, Astute Payroll lets you consolidate timesheets to be invoiced by customer, job or timesheet. Get the right data onto the right invoice and get paid.

Multiple currency support

Need to receive funds into a foreign currency bank account and then apply that to invoices in yet another currency? Astute Payroll allows all this flexibility and more.

Multi-company invoicing

Astute Payroll lets you invoice from one company for work timesheeted through another of your companies, streamlining employer obligations and revenue recognition.


Let your customers know exactly what they've paid and what they owe. Schedule statements to be sent automatically to the right people at the intervals you choose.

Credits & refunds

Turn an often messy situation into a simple process. We've made it easy to create credit notes from overpayments then turn them into a refund to the customer or a credit to their account.

GL Integrations

Astute Payroll plays nice with most accounting and general ledger applications like MYOB, Xero, NetSuite and more. Create your invoices, send them, then auto update your GL.

Advanced receipting

Getting paid should be easy. Apply all of the payment to one invoice or distribute the payment over multiple outstanding invoices from a particular client.

Tax, Super & Insurance

Astute Payroll turns the complex and often confusing world of PAYG Withholding Tax, Payroll Tax, Superannaution, and Workplace Insurance into simple easy-to-use processes and reports.

Superstream compliant

Let your employees update their superannuation details online 24/7, then upload the data from Astute Payroll to your Gateway with the click of a button.

TFN Declarations lodged online

Astute Payroll is one of only a few software firms in Australia with a direct integration into the ATO. Using your AUSkey, Tax File Declarations can be completed and submitted online.

PAYG Withholding Tax

Astute Payroll's PAYG Tax report gives you gross wages, taxes, and deductions for any selected time period ensuring your ATO reporting is done in minutes.

Payroll Tax

Astute Payroll provides a report for any selected month with your gross wages and taxable pay by state. The relevant threshold is applied then the set tax rate added. It's live, easy, and saves hours!

Workplace Insurance

Astute Payroll's Workplace Insurance report calculates wages by workplace and state then applies the workplace insurance rate. Send this report to your insurer and you've just saved yourself valuable hours.


Select a time period, slice and dice your Super data any way you like, save your favourite report settings, summarise your report by fund or payroll entity, and export it all for further use.


Get total visibility into all aspects of your workforce with Astute Payroll's sophisticated reporting tools. Deep-dive into your payroll, invoicing, compliance, tax, super, profit, costs, and other data, for better decision making.

Are you making money?

Gain visibility into your top-line numbers live 24/7 with our Financial Management report and analyse your revenue, costs and margin on your time-billing activities.

Export all data

Astute Payroll's reports enable you to export data in multiple formats. You can even export all data any time using our 'data dump' feature.

Keeping your data secure

Managing your data is serious business so that's why we use 256-bit SSL encryption. Rest assured that Astute Payroll is as secure as your online banking.

Payroll Tax

Automatically calculate your payroll tax obligations across multiple states with different state-based and dependent gross wages thresholds.

PAYG Withholding Tax

Need your BAS and IAS numbers quickly and with no fuss? Astute Payroll gives you your gross wages and tax withheld date for quick input on to your ATO forms.

Workplace Insurance

Astute Payroll's Workplace Insurance report calculates wages by workplace and state then applies the workplace insurance rate. Send this report to your insurer and you've just saved hours.

Compliance, visas & tickets

Keep a time- and date-stamped record of all compliance acceptances and visa or ticket details - all without having to store any paper.

Status Reports

See on one screen live what's happening across your business. Check which timesheets, leave requests, or expense reports have been submitted and/or approved.

YTD Balances

Whether it be wages, allowances, super, tax, or leave; it is all automatically updated and saved to each employee's profile for their reference at any time.


Astute Payroll is SuperStream compliant meaning your report export is acceptable to all gateways. No more messy spreadsheets and lost paperwork!


The Astute Payroll Marketplace is where you will find third party applications and services that are pre-integrated to work with Astute Payroll. Whether it be a CRM, an accounting application or a certified non-software service provider - you'll find it in the Marketplace.

A turnkey solution

Each partner has developed a turnkey solution to fulfill a critical business need and seamlessly connects with Astute Payroll.

No more double-entry

Transfer HR data from your CRM or HRIS in to Astute Payroll automatically. Then transfer payroll data into your GL the same way.

Moving fully to the cloud saves $$$

Using integrations to extend Astute Payroll means no more IT costs maintaining servers and onsite equipment.

We're friends with everyone

We have a large selection of integrations giving you and endless variety of 'cloud stack' combinations.